A yearly rant on why we're worth it…

A yearly rant on why we're worth it…

Now, I do appreciate that it can seem a little misleading. A client comes to me, we have a discussion about their business and then, like magic, I present them with their brand. Suddenly they have a logo and a set of brand guidelines and their fledgling idea or stagnant marketing collateral is rejuvenated and renewed. And it all seems so easy – as if a brief chat and a quick fiddle on Photoshop is all that is needed to bring their brand to life. And, of course, thanks to the emergence of sites like Fiverr and freelancer there are so many designers who are offering this at a fraction of the cost. Every business has to start somewhere so I understand how difficult it can be to balance the books at the beginning and so, sometimes, sites like Fiverr can be a real boost to a business. They can really help new businesses and for that, I salute them.

However, it’s often frustrating when potential customers aren’t able to differentiate between low-cost graphic design and the kind of service we offer at Visualise. Here’s a nice example - recently, I sent a quote over to a potential client who was looking for a logo creation, this was her response.

“I am afraid, we either did not understand each other well or your prices are over 100 times (literally) higher than your competitors”

I realise we’ll not win every quote – that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. However, what I do find let’s say irksome is when clients feel I am overcharging them, not only a little, but by 100 times. It sometimes come down to how much you value your business I guess. Because a logo design is not just a logo design, but sees a huge amount of work involved to make sure that it accurately reflects your brand values, that it slots in with your industry and precisely targets your consumer demographic.

So let’s take you through the process…

Before creating any logo I take an in-depth look at the target market, getting to grips with their age range, demographic as well as the trends and colours within the industry. Take, for example the construction industry compared to the health and wellness market – two utterly different markets with different themes, motifs and visuals. I then expand upon this research – investigating further into their inspiration and influence – ideas that might appeal to them as a business owner as well as styles that suit their type of business.

Only once I’ve conducted this extensive research do I then actually start creating. Beginning with an initial; draft concept that’s kept to black and white, and there’s a reason for this too, it’s only after in depth discussion with the client that I then move onto working up the final logo design – from this sprouts a whole range of fun and exciting marketing collateral including colour schemes, imagery style, visual tone of voice, font styles and themes.

I love what I do and I really do work hard for my clients – making sure they have the very best start to their new business or continue to be successful in their existing. I have a pretty broad range of experience and constantly work to stay up to date. So yes it’s a little, shall we say bothersome, when clients assume my prices are plucked out of thin air, or that I am taking them for a ride.

So rant over and hopefully at the same time, a little insight into the stages of creating a successful logo and brand.

I’m hoping, that after reading this article you will never again look a logo in the same way, because it really is so much more than just an attractive image.

If you’re looking to rebrand or maybe you’re a start-up owner that doesn’t really know where to start, feel free to give us a call on 0208 088 2153 or drop me a line.

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