Bristolian treasure laughing all the way to the Banksy (again)

I’m pretty sure everyone’s heard of the infamous graffiti artist with the unknown identity, Banksy. Well he’s managed to get in the news again this week after he was apparently arrested in Watford of all places and had his identity revealed…

Will this be the end of street art that’s both hard-hitting and beautiful? Of course not…

The story was of course a fake and a clever ploy to create a media storm using the social networks to get his name back in the limelight once more. But with so many inconsistencies in the story such as being arrested by the MET police in Hertfordshire, hang on a minute, it wasn’t going to take long for people to twig that something wasn’t quite right.

But it did get me thinking, how easy it is to create something completely fabricated and for it to be believed.

If we translate this into the world of business maybe it’s important not to believe everything you read or hear. We all know how fast things can travel on the social channels and sometimes not for the good.

On the flip side, we can use this type of media to our advantage to post news and offers, connecting us to our potential customers in a very targeted and controlled manner.

What social media strategies have worked well for you? If you’d like to share, pop them in the comments below…

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