Buy cheap, buy twice

We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘Buy Cheap, Buy Twice’. Generally, we associate this with the consumer market, but it’s becoming more and more applicable to business services.

I came across a great article by Alexander Singleton this week called ‘what to do when unskilled designers undercut you’. This is obviously pertinent to my business, but principles in what he writes are valid for all business services.

It’s human nature to try and get the best deal, it’s better in our pockets than their’s after all right?

This might be the case if you’re comparing product prices, but when you’re buying into knowledge and expertise it’s a different mater.

Alexander writes about getting THAT email, you know the one…

…thanks for your proposal, we like what you have to offer but we’ve found someone who can do it for less…

Yes, we’ve all had them haven’t we?

I’m seeing this more and more in the creative space where you can jump on the interweb and get a logo designed for pocket change.

Are these people skewing our market?

Of course they are, but it’s how we deal with it that’s important. We’re all experts in our field, Alexander uses a great statement:

If they hire you, then they will be working with a professional and not some ‘have a go Harry’

…and this is SO true.

If you know what you do and are confident then we shouldn’t be worried about those who are happy to do it for less.

Don’t under value your services just to get the deal, instead be strong and proud of who you are, what you’re able to offer and the price you’re offering it for. The chances are they’ll be back when they realise you get what you pay for.

Clearly Alexander is passionate about this subject, he definitely doesn’t mince his words which makes his article a great read so go check it out.

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