Can a deck of cards help define your brand?

Over the past few weeks I’ve written a couple of posts about brand and more importantly the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself to help you define you as a business. Some business can struggle slightly at the first hurdle but there could be something on the horizon that can help all of this, and it comes in the form of a deck of cards!

Scott Thomas, the former design lead for the 2008 Obama campaign and now the founder of design and technology studio Simple. Honest. Work has devised a simple card game that helps you define your brands personality. Intrigued? I was!

The original concept came from a process that they’d used internally, enabling them to execute creative projects, re-imagining a brand and transitioning the business from essentially a blank sheet to a completed brand identity.

The Brand Deck’ consists of 100 adjectives, 50 on the front and 50 contrasting terms on the back. Each card is placed on one of three piles, You Are, You’re Are Not and Not Applicable. The system works best played with a group of people, with the objective that the entire group align on six cards defining ‘You Are’ and these become the brand or products core attributes.

The group have launched the concept on Kickstarter with a goal of $45,000 which they’ve already smashed.

It’s certainly an interesting concept but at this stage I’m not sure we’ll see it in the creative environment. Having said that my deck will soon be on order, the question is, do I order just the standard version or pledge a little more and receive the ‘Not Safe for Work Edition’ as well which was worked on with Max Temkin, the co-creator of Cards Against Humanity?

What do you think? Can playing a card game really help to define your brand?

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