Visualise’s secrets to creating utterly brilliant logos

Visualise’s secrets to creating utterly brilliant logos

Your logo is pretty darn important – the most important visual association with your brand, one of the first things a potential client will see – it’s a clear demonstration of how you intend to communicate with customers. Consider some of the better logos in recent history. Now, whilst we don’t condone indulging in a McDonalds every day – they do have a simply fantastic logo. Two golden arches – that welcome, invite and seduce the customer whilst their colour scheme of red and gold invites feelings of happiness and childhood wonder, it’s simple, effective and doesn’t even mention a burger. Which brings us on to point 1.

You don’t have to be explicit

Just because you are a burger joint, vet or hair salon doesn’t mean your logo needs to feature a burger, animal or hair dryer. A logo should evoke an emotion; making a consumer feel, for example, hopeful, happy or humoured – it doesn’t necessary need to explicitly say what you do. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box.


Your logo will have to work across a number of mediums: Social Media, business cards, leaflets, banner stands – the list goes on and on. Try your newly designed logo in a number of different sizes as well as colours to make sure it’s doing your business justice across every different marketing platform. As a quick tip one of the best ways of ensuring this is to start large and make smaller. Large high quality logo images can successfully be made smaller however you can’t do it in reverse or you’ll have a nasty pixelated mess.

Speak to your clients

Ultimately, your logo doesn’t exist to please you, your friends or your family – rather it’s created to entice and attract new customers. So make sure to speak to those people and be specific with your questions. Rather than asking them if they like the logo – show them variations of colour, size and formatting and ask them how it makes them feel. That way you can ascertain far more clearly if it’ll work for your business.

Following the fads

Your logo should be an eternal symbol of beauty – analogues to the Sistine Chapel or the Mona Lisa, rather than those hideous sixties grey monstrosities that blight every University landscape. So forget the fads or trends, stick with classic ideas that will remain relevant for years to come.


Just as McDonalds logo of yellow and red is a clear indication of the fun and friendly vibe of the company, the colour of your logo should represent who you are. Try to avoid more than two or three colours as it may be a little overwhelming, also consider how this will be represented in print and online, certain colours like orange don’t cross over well from screen to paper

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