Customisable confectionery or promotional produce?

Most of us are now used to the endless options available to get your beloved Facebook and Instagram photos onto just about anything these days. We’ve done it recently in the studio, using Sticky9 to customise our workspace with our favourite Instagram pics.

The latest to appear on my radar is Boomf.

Now I’ve seen their advert on the TV a couple of times recently but in all honesty I thought Vista Print had starting a new line of confectionary. It wasn’t until this article popped up in my Google alerts that it caught my attention.

If you’ve not heard of Boomf it’s apparently the brain child of The Duchess of Cambridge’s brother James Middleton. Boomf offers personalised, bite-sized (if you can call 4cm x 4cm bite sized) marshmallows in double vanilla that can be printed with your favourite selfie from Instagram, Facebook or any image uploaded from your computer.

Of course, in the corporate world we can put our logo onto just about anything and used in the right way, and produced by a corporate merchandise company who know what they’re doing, it can be an incredibly successful way of getting an individual to remember you and your business.

As highlighted, Boomf is a product perfect for family occasions but will we see this personalised confectionery seep into the corporate arena? I’m not so sure. But no doubt someone, somewhere will find an opportunity to do so, if they haven’t already.

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