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I recently attended The Baby show at Olympia, if I was to say it was just an opportunity to research baby tech like video monitors, buggies and car seats, would you believe me?

As it happened, there were a few other things to learn from some of the exhibitors.

So, while walking around, admiring the tech (!), it struck me how each company however big or small required a certain amount of items to make their stand look as professional as the company next to them. This could be as simple as a roller banner with their logo, but for the ones that didn’t or thought that a laminated print out on their back wall would suffice, potential customers seemed to simply walk past, not giving them the light of day no matter how revolutionary their product was!

Now The Baby Show is a B2C event but no doubt a similar process would happen at a B2B expo as well. It made me question that if they’re paying to be there surely their primary focus is to attract customers and get a good return on their investment. If you’re not prepared to show a potential customer your serious about your own business, I guess you can’t expect them to be serious about you, especially when there are numerous other businesses selling similar products who do.

But is that the only problem here, do some businesses simply struggle to know what they need?

A lot of corporate expos restrict your booth size, where your logo can go and even the amount of items you can have on your stand simply because they want everyone to conform, giving every exhibitor the same chance and a level of guidance as to what’s expected from them.

But for shows similar to The Baby Show where this isn’t the case or for businesses that haven’t exhibited before, maybe they’re simply not sure what approach they should be taking to give them a fighting chance of making the event a success.

Are you an exhibitor? What do you do to make your booth stand out from the crowd or do you find the whole preparation process a bit of a challenge?

…and if you regularly visit Expos what do you look for on a stand (other than a smile) to make you want to go and say “Hi!”?

Please feel free to drop any thoughts in the comments below…

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