Give your business the best chance in a competitive market

Over the last seven weeks I’ve let you in on my tried and tested principles to make sure your company image and marketing make the right impression. If you missed any here’s what we covered:

Week 1 - Know who you are – your brand
Week 2 - Creating your visualise identity
Week 3 - How to create a brand guideline document
Week 4 - Who are your target audience and doing your research
Week 5 - 8 principles of solid design
Week 6 - How to group your marketing materials
Week 7 - How to track, measure and refine your marketing and design

It may seem like a lot of work, but if you want to give your business the best chance in a competitive market, you need to nail your marketing so you create the right impression.

You could have a great idea, or a fantastic product or service, but if you don’t get your marketing right, no-one will ever find out about it.

Follow these steps and you’ll be well on the way to creating that winning visual identity - but remember, this is just the start - you need to continue to monitor how you work and what you produce to make sure you continue to have success.

And, once you’ve made that great first impression, you then just need to make sure the rest of your business is aligned to ensure an equally-great customer service to retain your brand’s success.

So this is my 7 steps to marketing success, I hope you’ve found them interesting and hopefully useful. If you’d like to chat through any of them feel free to drop me a line.

Good luck,


PS - If you prefer a handy take-a-way copy of my 7 steps to marketing success, click the download button below.

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