How to use focus groups to help focus your brand

How to use focus groups to help focus your brand

Every business should be aimed at their target demographic. And the more narrowly that is refined the more defined your branding. Which is why the first thing I ask a client is a description of their ideal client; their age range, their passion, their ambition. Armed with this information I am able to start creating some seriously targeted marketing material.

However, this can be made far more powerful if your market segment is included in the conversation as early as possible. Which is great in theory, but in practice not every small business owner has the ability to bring together a focus group. It can be expensive, time consuming and resource draining. However, at Visualise we work with businesses across the board and have compiled a rather helpful list (if we do say so ourselves) of the easiest, cheapest and most effective methods of using focus groups without breaking the bank.

It’s actually something we did for one of our clients - Wine Smash. A fantastic organisation that essentially helps people drink more wine, which naturally the whole team was very much in support of. Targeted at Millennials, we needed to make sure the branding appealed to their sensibilities, and given that I (only very marginally) miss out of that age bracket we needed to enlist a focus group. As Wine Smash was a start-up they only had a limited budget, and so we had to find an effective way of asking their audience, with little budget.


We went to the playground of the Millennials, Facebook and created a group to enlist their help. Trying out a number of different colours and styles, we checked each one to make sure the focus group approved, which meant at the end of the project, we could be absolutely sure that the marketing material created could truly engage and entice this particular segment.

For those of you who don’t want to use Facebook, there is a phenomenal tool called OnePulse. Essentially it offers a simple and reasonably priced package, which allows you access to a pool of users encompassing a range of demographics, ages or geographical locations. You simply choose which group you wish to target, and these people are sent your hand crafted questionnaire to their mobile phones.

The responses are then automatically collated on your own personal dashboard. Allowing you to stay completely anonymous whilst easily collecting data, prices start from around £51.00 and it could be well worth it for businesses looking to target a focus group, without expending energy trying to find the appropriate people.

Finally, for those lucky enough to have your own customer database, a website such as Typeform makes it extremely simple to create an interactive, creative forms that doesn’t send your users to sleep, encouraging them to spend that little bit of time answering your questions.

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