How to group your marketing materials

Over the past six weeks we’ve understood who you are, created a visual identity to boost our brand and attract more customers, created a brand guideline document, learnt about our customers and defined our target market and understood some of the key principles of solid graphic design. This week I’m going to be looking at how to group your marketing material into well-defined types.

When you’re thinking about the kinds of marketing materials you need, try to come up with some distinct types to group them by. For example, you might need Case Studies, White Papers, Product Specification Sheets or Brochures.

These groups should be clearly defined and styled, so they are distinct from one another and easily identifiable, whether that’s when they’re laid out next to each other at an exhibition, or when they’re made available online.

It’ll make it much easier for your target audience to find the information they want about you if you define these groups.

It’s a good idea to create different templates for each of these types of document – but remember to follow your brand guidelines and make sure they have a consistent corporate feel. Perhaps you could create some themes using secondary colours from your logo colour palette to identify the different document types.

One thing’s for sure, when you line these up on your exhibition stand, people are going to see you as organised and professional.

Next week I’m going to look at how you can measure your marketing activities in order to improve them week on week, month on month. If you can’t wait until then, you can download the full guide by clicking on the button below. Until next week.

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