New social network 'Ello' shows us that maybe exclusivity really works

Did you know there’s a new social network on the block called Ello?

Launched to the general public in August of this year, it seems that Ello is now receiving a whopping 31,000 requests each hour from people who want to join up! But even with all this interest the creators have said no and made it an exclusive invitation only site.

Originally designed to be used by friends of its founder Paul Budnitz, what makes this new social site so popular? It seems that one of the key factors to Ello’s success is that there’s no advertising; with lots of people suggesting that it’s ‘anti-Facebook’.

Over the last couple of years, Facebook has gone all guns blazing into their advertising, and the reactions to that have been mixed with lots of questions being raised about how our profiles are being used. Unsurprisingly Ello’s company manifesto has been generating a lot of interest and with a huge number of potential users now interested in Ello, it seems like Facebook’s increased advertising is possibly tempting some to jump ship.

Ello's manifesto

So, what are Ello doing to generate this much interest in their new social site, like we don’t have enough of them already!

It seems that exclusivity works. People need to request to join Ello and psychologically, we often believe that something exclusive is better and more beneficial to us.

Secondly, they took a good look at what their competitors were doing, and more importantly what they weren’t doing so well and made sure that their offering does those bits better. It’s certainly worked for Ello.

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