Nominations for Design of the Year 2015

The Design Museum has recently announced its nominations for Designs of the Year 2015. 76 nominations from around the world were selected by design experts and have been divided into 6 categories including graphics. An overall winner will be selected by a panel of judges made up of Anish Kapoor, fashion designer Nicole Fahri, architect Farshid Moussavi and Pearson Lloyd co-founder Tom Lloyd.

Nominees ranged from air purifying billboards, iPad games, 3D printed limbs, visual identity and living organ mimicking microchips so it’s anyone’s guess as to what will be named the winner in May.

Of course the graphics category was of particular interest to me with nominees spanning exhibition, type, identity and advertising.

Two which I thought were particularly interesting was the hand painted font created for Glasgow International Arts Festival last year and the Inglorious Fruits & Veg campaign created for Intermarché in France.

Design studio Kellenberger-White were asked to create an identity for the Glasgow International Arts Festival that would relate to Glasgow in some way. They decided on a hand written font inspired by the city’s ship-building heritage and more specifically the lettering that Greenpeace activists had painted on the side of a ship with a roller. Building in a few quirks along the way, taking some additional influence from the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. This allowed them to create some beautifully simplistic work, not cluttered by imagery and allowing the identity to do the work.

Second the Inglorious campaign for Intermarché in France by Marcel. This is a witty campaign created to raise awareness of the shear amounts of food that’s wasted each year and more specifically fresh fruits and vegetable. I’m not sure which stuck me more with this, the stark white design with bold typography or the fact the they’d used quirky images to get their message across, I’ll let you decide, either way it works and should be something that’s considered in this country.

All 76 nominations are to be showcased at the Design of the Year 2015 exhibition opening on March 25th, who do you think should win?

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