Saint Patrick’s Day: Green is the colour

Saint Patrick’s Day: Green is the colour

Saint Patrick’s Day is many people’s favourite day of the year. Situated in the rather dead month of March, between Christmas and Easter it’s basically a fantastic excuse to party. However, there’s a little more to Saint Patrick’s Day than a fairly serious hangover. The day itself actually incorporates a vast amount of Ireland’s iconic branding. And so from Mid-March the internet becomes awash with little green leprechauns as brands worldwide look to incorporate the motif into their marketing efforts.

Adapting your marketing to seasonal events seems to be the latest marketing trend. The most obvious example is Google who continually adapt their branding. However, there are plenty of other brands who have jumped on the bandwagon to create some social media worthy content. So with St. Patricks day fast approaching I have lovingly hand-picked the brands who use this day for some pretty successful branding.

McDonalds-Shamrock-Shake.jpgMcDonalds Shamrock Shake

McDonalds lead the way when it comes to celebrating National Holidays. Their Shamrock Shake, a celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day, was invented in the seventies. And whilst thankfully we may have abandoned perms and flared trousers, every year the Shamrock Shake sees incredible sales. What’s essentially just a mint milkshake has seen McDonalds earn some positive publicity and in recent years encouraged thousands of tweets and Instagram photos. In fact, this year on the day the Shake was released (February 8th) there were literally hundreds of Tweets rejoicing its return.


A brand with their very own national holiday (Nutella Day) on February 5th that has helped encourage even more love for every one’s favourite chocolate brand Nutella take social media marketing extremely seriously. Over the years Nutella have incorporated Ireland’s signature green into their images and created on trend, mouth-watering pictures that are sure to be shared and liked on Social Media.


For iconic Irish brand Guinness, St. Patrick’s Day is the gift that keeps on giving with estimates suggesting that on the day alone around 13 million glasses of Guinness are drunk around the world, which is around double the average daily amount. Surprisingly, it was only in 2008 that Guinness decided to capitalise upon the worldwide joy of St. Patrick’s Day. Oddly named Proposition 3-17 marketing efforts from mid-February were focused on the incorporation of Green and reclaiming Saint Patrick’s Day as belonging to this Irish brand. And it worked. Sales soared (along with we assume most people’s waistlines.)

Incorporating National Days into your branding is undoubtedly a phenomenal method of reaching more people and particularly those demographics who are active on Social Media. If your company has benefited from a National Day I would love to see, and if not why not take inspiration from upcoming holidays which includes:

March 6th: Mother’s Day
March 25th: Easter
April 1st: April Fool’s day

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