Socks and Sandals, Cornflakes and Orange Juice: does your brand compare?

Socks and Sandals, Cornflakes and Orange Juice: does your brand compare?

There are many things in this world that should never go together – orange juice on cornflakes (yuck) and socks and sandals (sorry Dads of this world) to name a couple.

These are things that can cause us to shake our heads, scratch our chins and stare in shock as we wonder why? And yet, in branding there are plenty of combinations that should also be big no-nos, but brands continue to roll them out time and time again.

The number of times we have new clients come to us with clashing colours and unreadable text, who wonder why they aren’t attracting the right customers is sadly rather high. However, it doesn’t need to be like this. Guys – be the change you want to see in the world. It is possible to be recognisable, remarkable and targeted without going over the top, so take a look at our top tips of how to create truly spectacular branding.

It’s called classic for a reason

Classic refers to something that was designed/created/thought up a long time ago, but that still resonates today. And isn’t that a fantastic sentiment for any branding to get behind? So don’t be afraid to go with timeless and long-lasting rather than trends that may be here today, but that could well be gone tomorrow.

Make sure your brand represents you

Before you create your branding make sure to have a clear mission statement and business plan so that it can be infused into the logo and branding. Logos, are more than a pretty picture - they need to accurately represent your business brand and identity.

Be original

Make sure your branding is utterly unique and can’t be confused with any other business – this can lead to a huge amount of confusion and may also have a knock on effect on your credibility. Remember, you want to stand out for the all the right reasons.

Make sure it works everywhere

Your logo will need to work across a number of devices and a range of platforms so make sure the pixels and colours are versatile and flexible enough.

Every artist has a palette

There are traditionalists who would argue that you should have no more than two colours in your branding. However, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a little creative with your branding – especially if that’s what you think will drive consumer engagement. For example, a kid’s brand would probably benefit from having more than one colour. However, I would definitely recommend that you define two levels of colour using a primary and secondary colour palette. Use the first for your logo colour and the second as an accent to highlight areas or categories within the business.

Less is definitely more

As with most things, less is definitely more. Take time to consider your branding carefully and don’t be tempted to throw everything you can at a screen. Be deliberate, considerate and careful.

A name is for life not just for your latest marketing campaign

Your name is going to last you as long as your business, so forget the trends and go with something that is easy to spell, pronounce and remember.

Throw a bit of ‘you’ in there

You are your business, so don’t be afraid to throw a little of your personality into your marketing strategy, it may well help you stand out from the crowd.

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