The biggest design no-no, EVER

On Wednesday, the designers of one of Australia’s most respected newspapers, The Sydney Morning Herald, disgraced the entire creative community, world-wide - they used Comic Sans on their front page.

The world’s most detested font was displayed front and centre and just to make things even worst they dropped the text into some clip-art style speech bubbles.

Now this was clearly some cheap publicity stunt for the newspaper as there have been hundreds of spoofs cropping up all over the Internet since it was first spotted, but it did get me thinking…

Can something as simple as a font change peoples perception of your business?

Of course the answer is YES.

Companies spend years building up a solid, recognisable brand that customers respect and trust. And with the support of design professionals like myself, guidelines and standards are put into place to ensure the brand doesn’t deviate and lose it’s effectiveness.

And yet, something as simple as a wrong font choice or colour can completely undo all that hard work.

While The Sydney Morning Herald will no doubt recover from this, not every business does and it just goes to show how important people’s perception of your brand really is.

Your prospects and customers will judge the proverbial book by its cover, so it’s important you make the right first impression.

But the real moral of this story? Please, don’t use Comic Sans!

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