This could be the cringiest advert ever...but it worked!

YouTube is well know for hosting a variety weird, wonderful and useful videos; everything from talking cats and Guinness world records, through to how to fix cracked render on your home and now this…

A travel agent based in Ayrshire, Scotland has gone viral, with a video dubbed as ‘so bad, it’s good’.

Featuring magic stars, Mickey Mouse and employees doing A LOT of walking the video has been described as ‘cringey’, ‘glorious’ and ‘comedy genius’, but one week after being uploaded to YouTube, the video has been watched nearly one million times, businesses sales have grown and now the words ‘Thorne Travel Agents’ seem to be a more well known phrase.

The social sites such as Twitter and Facebook seem to be overloaded and huge amounts of people are Googling the country’s most popular travel agents…they have even generated international customers!

If this poorly made, genuinely funny, over the top video is a representation of anything, it is that personality is key. The video has proven that having a little fun with your advertising is not a bad thing, however bad it might look!

Your customers want to know who you are and why they should use your business. This spoof of a Virgin Airways advertisement, demonstrates a company with a sense of humour, clearly their cheeky approach to their marketing has worked a treat.

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