How to track, measure and refine your marketing and design

The six previous steps will help you set off on the right foot to creating a successful visual identity, but the final step ensures it remains one.

No-one is going to get everything right first time, and sometimes you try things and they just don’t work. One of the keys to successful marketing is learning from what you do to improve things in the future.

In order to improve, you need to measure how well your marketing is working for you, so you can do more of the things that do work, and change or re-focus the areas that aren’t working as well.

You can do this by tracking responses to your campaigns, testing usage statistics on website pages, using Call To Action buttons to gather leads and experimenting with different techniques and approaches.

There are a number of things you can do to measure the effectiveness of your marketing, these are just a few…

Dedicated response channels

Use dedicated web pages, email addresses or telephone numbers for specific marketing campaigns so you can measure responses. There are a number of good solutions out there for call tracking including CallTracks and Invoco. Most allow you to have a bank of static numbers that can forward through to your business line tracking the number of calls, duration and sometimes even record the conversation. Other like CallTracks also offer dynamic numbers for your website, giving each individual that lands on your site their own unique number which can then be tracked through Google Analytics.

A/B testing

Ask your web designer about A/B testing on your site, so that you can try different homepage layouts and see which ones are more successful in retaining viewers, then switch to the more successful design permanently. If you’re working on an off-line campaign still consider different layouts, images and headlines to see which provoke the best response.

Segment your data

Experiment with segmenting your contacts lists into different groups so you can target different audiences with tweaked campaigns – and try out different email designs on similar groups to test effectiveness.

So hopefully that give you a few ideas on how you can track, measure and refine your next marketing campaign. Next week is the concluding part where I sum it all up but if you can’t wait until then, you can download the full guide by clicking on the button below. Until next week.

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