Is it time? When or why for your next logo refresh

Is it time? When or why for your next logo refresh

Some big companies have had a logo refresh recently. You may have seen that Gumtree dropped its old-fashioned, multi-coloured logo of many years in favour of a more slimline, one-tone tree silhouette, and in late 2015, Google went through its sixth logo refresh since Larry Page knocked out the first ever Google logo in 1997.

Logos are an important part of corporate branding and as your fledgling company develops, there will come a time when you outgrow your branding. You may want to do a complete branding overhaul, or just a logo refresh.

A company logo is often said to be the face of the company. It is usually the first thing that people notice about your company, and positive (or negative) impressions can be made about your company very quickly, which will impact on your brand image. If your logo looks dated, it may give a negative impression to potential customers. Maybe it is time to start thinking about refreshing your logo.

Refreshing an outdated logo

With the evolution of technology and fashion, your old logo may look old-fashioned and appear less than optimal on online media. More and more people these days are shopping and consuming information online, particularly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. What once looked great on printed media, may not work as well on a screen. If your logo is looking a bit ‘last century’ compared to your competitors, then it is time for a logo refresh.

Why Gumtree refreshed their logo

Gumtree changed their logo to a simplified tree after extensive consumer research showed negative perceptions towards the long-standing multi-coloured logo.

Starting as a trading website for Londoners, Gumtree has expanded out of the capital and spread right across the UK. The company had changed so much that a new logo was essential to widen the site’s appeal. At the same time they invested in mobile technology, which had changed in the years since Gumtree was launched.

Get feedback from your customers

Your target customer is your best sounding board for feedback on how to present your brand. Focus groups are an invaluable resource for finding out what people think of your company and its assets. Get together some sample logos and ask them what they think and which they prefer. You will learn more about your brand and how it is perceived than you could imagine.

Consumer research can open up new ideas, or confirm that your existing logo really isn’t so bad after all.

Consult your employees Your love for your logo should grow with familiarity. If you are sick of the sight of it, then chances are your employees are too. Your logo may have been with you a long time, and like Google and Gumtree, it may no longer represent your growing company. It can be hard to say goodbye to a long-standing logo. That’s not to say you should ditch the old logo and start again, but take the time to ask your employees and customers for their opinion.

Consulting your employees can give valuable insight into how to represent your brand, seen through the eyes of its most important asset. It will inform the creation of a logo that will not only be supported by your staff but will excite and motivate them. A new lease of life, if only through a 2-dimensional image, can be what you need to get your people excited to play an important role in your company.

A logo refresh may be what you need

A logo refresh is not something that you should rush into, but can be a fantastic way of rebranding your company in line with its current status, leaving behind any negative connotations about your brand. Consult with customers and employees to find out what they think and inform the best way to proceed.

So when is it time for a logo refresh? If you feel it’s time, then it probably is. Strong market research will back up your instincts and help your designers create a logo that you can be proud of.

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