CriticalArc brand refresh.

Rebrand project for CriticalArc a leading technology innovator

Project Info:

Working with TMF Marketing this rebrand for CriticalArc, a leading technology innovator, needed to incorporate elements associated to their command and control solution. Their flagship product SafeZone TM provides and shares security and safety teams with live location information from smartphones and tablets with the SafeZoneTM app installed.

The finished logo incorporates a map location pin rotated 45 degrees anti-clockwise and split into four quadrants to create a negative impression of a target. This connects the location-based principle of the SafeZoneTM application. The left and right quadrants are then coloured in two tones of blue to create the left side of a lower case 'c' and right side of a lower case 'a'.


What TMF Marketing are saying...

Tara Farley, PR & Marketing Consultant at

Simon has an innate ability to quickly understand a customer’s requirements in terms of both marketing and sales goals and develop, design and deliver collateral that supports these objectives.

Tara Farley PR & Marketing Consultant, TMF Marketing

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