ITRS Geneos architecture diagram.

The communication of technology through a diagram to support a sales and marketing presentations

Project Info:

Explaining complex systems can be a tricky process, so to ensure there was consistency across all of their sales and marketing collateral ITRS, who keep global financial institutions' critical systems operational, enlisted the help of Visualise to create a diagram outlining the data flow between all the components and modules of their Geneos product.

There needed to be a high level of understanding with various meeting to discuss the technicalities of the product with their development team as well at the needs of their sales and marketing team that would be presenting it.

I set of icons were created for all components and a general flow from left to right agreed taking the viewer from data collection through to their reporting dashboards and visualisation API.

Since being created, the diagram has been animated by ITRS' web design team and added to the Geneos product overview page.


What ITRS Group are saying...

Rebecca Hicks, Marketing Director at

Simon was able to take information given to him by our technical team, understand it at a detailed level and transform this into a detailed yet easy to understand product architecture diagram, something that we've struggled to achieve in the past to a level that we've been totally happy with, until now.

Rebecca Hicks Marketing Director, ITRS Group

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