Wine Smash Branding .

Branding and graphical development for new wine tasting hospitality experience

Project Info:

Wine Smash is a new hospitality experience based around wine tasting. The aim of Wine Smash is to remove the pressures associated with 'wine snobbery' and instead provide a relaxed environment for people that fit into the 'Millennial' demographic to learn more about wines and their origins through tasting experiences, social groups and corporate events.
The project initially started with a branding project which needed key consideration to ensure it was suitable for a very specific target market. Short listed designs were reviewed by a focus group allowing us to receive live feedback rather than making assumptions based on our research. Once the final logo, fonts and colour schemes were confirmed further concepts were created for menu templates, event brochures and interior graphical decoration.

What Wine Smash are saying...

Neil Allen, Chief Executive Officer at

Simon was extremely thoughtful in researching the concept himself and then in extracting from my mind how I wanted the brand to feel to the consumer. He produced a suite of branding choices, and focus group feedback which meant I ended with a look that matched my brand vision but, more importantly, validated that my customers would feel the same way. While I have worked with many different size branding agencies, Simon stood out for me for being easy to work with, intelligent in his observations and talented in his output. In short, he just got it right.

Neil Allen Chief Executive Officer, Wine Smash

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